TEFL in China 最新课程
6月13日 - 6月19日 北京
6月19日 - 6月25日 武汉
6月27日 - 7月3日 上海
Mark Karon
I'm Mark Karon, one of TEFL in China trainers. I earned my BA degree in Linguistics from Portland State University, USA in 2000. I have over 8 years of international teaching experience throughout China. The purpose of this seven-day program is to offer a primer about the working environment in China, characteristics of Chinese students, general language teaching methodology, and lots of opportunities for participants to practice teaching in a supportive environment with feedback from the trainer as well as other participants who will alternately play the roles of ESL students.
Heather Petersen
I am pleased to be a part of the team of coordinators and trainers of SAFEA. Having earned an MA in Education and with 18 years of experience teaching middle and high school Second Language Learners in California public schools as well as 5 years as an instructor in Teacher Certification courses in California, I enjoy getting the chance to bring those experiences to new teachers in China. One of the things I enjoy most about education is equipping new teachers for the classroom experience. After 4 years living in China, I know there is much more to experience and understand about life in China.
Michael Dean Knapp
From the USA, I have been teaching in China since 1998. I earned my Masters of Education in TESOL from Southeastern University. Additionally, I have a BA and MA in international relations (cross-cultural, not political). I am also a writer. My writing consists primarily of topics related to language acquisition, cross-cultural studies, and the life of expats in China. I love both my home country and China. I derive great joy in helping Chinese people improve their English skills and in helping both Chinese and expats enhance cross-cultural communication and relationships. I enjoy family time, skiing, windsurfing, swimming, camping and a number of other outdoor activities. I also like reading, especially books and articles about history, philosophy, theology, culture, anthropology, geography and other non-fiction subjects. I believe that a successful teacher is one who never stops learning.
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